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Наша фабрика по производству маргарина и жиров

LLC «BMB Margarine» is a Ukrainian manufacturer of specialized margarines and fats for a wide range of bakery, confectionery, dairy, and food concentrates industries and production of ice cream.

LLC «BMB Margarine» was established in 2003 by «Bears» company as a European standard enterprise for the production of high-quality specialized margarines and fats for the food industry. The company is a part of the «Bears Food Ingredients». The main consumers of the LLC «BMB Margarine» are bakery and confectionery factories, dairies and various catering facilities.

Achievements and manufacturing facilities

The «Bears» Company, founder of the LLC «BMB Margarine», established in 1991, is a recognized leader in the field of special raw materials and new technologies for many food industry sectors in Ukraine. Representing more than 20 companies — world leaders in the production of special raw materials for the food industry, our experts facilitate the high technologies implementation in the food production, improving quality standards and introducing the Ukrainian producers of goods into the foreign markets.

LLC «BMB Margarine» is located in Cherkassy (Ukraine). The company is equipped with modern high-tech equipment made by Chemtech International (UK). In addition to the actual production of margarine and fat products, the company is actively engaged in strengthening its technological, scientific and commercial potential maintains a consistent personnel policy, finances training programs for staff.

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