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Margarine for puff paste products - "SLOMAR"

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The basis for obtaining puff pastry (one of the most difficult to process doughs) is the formation of layers of dough separated by a film of fat. Consumer properties of layered products are mainly determined by the quality of fat product used for lamination. Traditionally, such as fat product uses a specialized type of margarine - puff pastry margarine.

BMB Margarine produces a wide range of puff pastry margarine SLOMAR, which is designed for making classic puff pastry and frozen puff semi-finished products made of fermented and unleavened dough. Margarine SLOMAR may be used both for puff paste French production and Scottish (accelerated) method.

Puff pastry margarine SLOMAR has the following properties:

Use of puff pastry margarine SLOMAR ensures the finished product:

Key indicatorsSLOMAR EliteSLOMAR PlusSLOMAR StandardSLOMAR Special
Fat content, % min. 80 min. 80 min. 72 min. 80
Melting point, °С 41-44 39-42 40-42 36-39
Contents Solid Triglycerides, %
at 20°С 50-55 48-53 48-53 22-27
at 25°С 40-46 34-38 34-38 14-17
at 30°С 29-35 22-28 22-28 8-11
Taste and aroma vanilla and creamy creamy creamy creamy

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