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Margarines and fats for cakes - "Bifikrem", "Bifiling"

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Creamy semi-finished products (creams) are widely used in the confectionery industry in the production of cakes, pastries, rolls as layers and ornaments of finished products. Traditionally creams are based on butter, but the use of this product is not always possible or practical. This is due to the high cost of raw milk and its deficiency, instability properties of butter (due to seasonality).

BMB Margarine offers manufacturers the cream margarine BIFICREAM as a substitute for butter in the production of semi-finished crepe. The product has the following properties:

Bifiling 01 may be used as a component in the production of fat-containing cream processed product. A feature of using the product is the ability to use larger quantities of sugar syrup as compared with a situation when the producer uses the butter or margarine for cream.

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