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Shortening for baking - "Bekefed"

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Fats for the bakery industry (shortenings) are the fat products used in the baking of bread and flour flour confectionery products (cakes, pies, biscuits, cookies, crackers, etc.), where the flour is the basic and necessary component. Shortening is a very important ingredient, as its share in most types of baking products is from 10 to 50%.

Bakefed 02 fat for the bakery industry produced by the BMB Margarine due to the specially selected fatty composition and presence in its composition of the emulsifier has an impact on the various properties of baked products:

For the production of aerated confectionery (biscuits, cakes) it is recommended to use Bifiling fat 01. A feature of this product is a special emulsifying system in the composition, which improves the dispersion of fat and improves the retention of air.

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