BMB Margarine

Puff pastry margarine

Margarine SLOMAR from «BMB Margarine» is intended for baking the classic puff paste products and frozen puff processed products of fermented and unleavened dough. It may be used both for puff paste French production and Scottish (accelerated) method.

Fats for confectionery fillings

The use of specialized fats for the confectionery industry by the "BMB Margarine" enables our customers to increase the efficiency of production, improve the quality of released confectionery products, which ultimately leads to increased competitiveness of their products.

Margarines and fats for cakes

Creamy semi-finished products (creams) are widely used in the confectionery industry in the production of cakes, pastries, rolls as layers and ornaments of finished products.

Shortering for baking

Fats for the bakery industry (shortenings) - are fat products used in the baking of bread and flour confectionery products (cakes, pies, pastry products, biscuits, cookies, crackers, etc.), where the flour is a basic and necessary component.

Frying oil

Frying Bifiling fat 06 by "BMB Margarine" has functional characteristics that primarily provide flavour and keeping quality of the finished product.

Fats for the confectionery industry

Produced a variety of confectionery Bifiling fats produced by the LLC "BMB Margarine" allows their optimal use in the production of different types of fillings for chocolates, sandwich waffles, biscuits, cakes, fillings for chocolate bars, biscuits, pastry products and soft glazes.

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Specialty fats and margarines

Assortment of specialty fats and margarines LLC "BMB Margarine" covers all the basic needs of the food industry. All our products are made from high quality natural raw materials according to original recipes using modern technology and equipment, which allows for the most demanding consumers. Permanent quality control of raw materials and products at all stages of production, strict regulation of manufacturing processes enables us to maintain stable characteristics of the finished product.

Despite the rise in oil and fat industry, the quality of many domestic fats produced does not meet the leading confectionery, bakery and dairy businesses seeking to expand their range of higher class products. Many Ukrainian enterprises produce fat and oil products, which fall behind the quality products of foreign manufacture. Specialized fats LLC "BMB Margarine" by its characteristics correspond to the best import samples while remaining competitive on price.

Thanks to the innovative policies of the enterprise and experiebced technologists the product line is constantly expanding and the existing products being improved based on customers' needs.


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